Monday, June 10, 2013

Setting Goals

I am so sorry this is a weird email this time. its just a story about some of investigators- haha.
The thing that I have learned this week is that God has His own plan for His children- and often it is different than ours. However his is better and through his plans miracles will happen!
 Let me see if I can illustrate this point. 
You can say we have been praying pretty hard for our investigators this week and it really looked like that we would be able to meet our goal for baptisms. However, yesterday we found out that 4 (4!) of our investigators who were preparing for baptisms this month were breaking the word of wisdom. 4- in one day! haha, I was pretty shocked. However, president, I think that we will still be able to meet our goal because although we will have to push back 4 baptisms, we had an investigator that we met on saturday come to church yesterday, bring her children, and pay her tithing. Let me tell you why this was a miracle. We have been teaching Shiela (13) and Sherley Bihasa (36) since I have arrived here. They both had BGDs for june 1 but towards the end of of the month Sherley stopped coming to church because her husband forbid her to. When we would talk to her about it she would express to us her desire to come to church and be baptized but how she didnt think it would be possible. Her daughter Shiela was baptized on June 1 and we still continued to teach her. On saturday we taught her and had the impression to promise her that if her desire was truly to be baptized that God would soften her husbands heart and allow her to go. We did and she seemed a little unsure but accpeted a new BGD for July.  We left but went back later that day (which was Gods doing as well). There we met her and her friend Mel. As we taught Mel about the restoration, Sherly bore her testimony about her knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel and how she knows that God helps His children. In that lesson when we asked Mel if she would be baptized she answered, "Oo naman, kailan?" (God has prepared her to accept the gospel for sure!) In that lesson, Sherly also desired to be baptized Jun 29 instead of the middle of July. 
The next day, after Sherly and her family had gotten ready for church and she  asked her husband for fare a ride to church- he just gave it to her. He didnt say anything! A direct answer to our prayers. As mentioned earlier, She and her friend Mel came to church with their children. They were there an hour early and as Mel saw Shiela (the 13yr old RC) pay her tithing she wanted to do the same. So she paid her tithing and we haven even told her about tithing yet. So in one weekend we pushed back 4 BGDs and recieved 3 new ones. 
The point of this story is:
1. God answers prayers and performs miracles
2. We can accomplish our goals but it is only through God that we can. Without him we would not of made that promise to Sherly and we would not have met Mel and her family. God knows which of his children are prepared to hear and accept His gospel and He will lead us to them as we set goals, and are worthy to achieve them through our faith, diligence in work, and prayer.
I hope that you can understand the message I am trying to share with you. The point is president that I am so grateful to be here. This is a divine work and I get to be a part of it. I get to work with God everyday. 
I hope that you are doing well. I love you guys. SO so so much. I hope that you are all enjoying summer!!! Except for laurel i guess. haha. sorry laurel but school is awesome too.
Love you, talk to you mas next week!


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