Friday, October 4, 2013

Sorry It's Been a While...More Updates Coming!

Thank you for your hand delivered notes and package! I am soooooo sooo grateful for the hymn book especially! Well, first for the letters and awesome drawing dad, and then the hymn book! I also got the bible and the extra led fir my pencil marker and some fun treats! i ecpecially got a kick out of the poncho aunt karen, thank you! and you know what- i actuall ythink it will come in handy. 

So let me tell you about this week:

JP and Roann (the couple who is supposed to get married and baptized and married) did not come to church again. So their date will be pushed back again. Grabe. So sad!! As you can imagine we have been praying hard to know how to help them so this week we changed our focus from church and obedience to the Book of Mormon. I think that as they focus more on the Book of Mormon and on the basic doctrine of the church, their testimonies will grow until they have the faith it takes to leave their bukid and come to church. 

The progression of our other investigators have been slow as well, but they are progressing. Because of this though, we felt that we needed to find new investigators and thanks to God, we found 5 this week! This was exactly our goal, and God helped us reach it as we tried to work very hard.

Sister Hamor, ang anak ko,  is doing well. This week pushed her out of her comfort zone as we spent much time trying to OYM to teach, but slowly she is gaining confidence. I think that one of her greatest traits is that she wants to do what is right at all times and is willing to try. This will be a great blessing to her throughout her mission and life. She has a lot of questions always and I know God will bless her with knowledge and understanding as she continues to study and ask. 
Our biggest goal right now for our companionship is to understand the importance of the Holy Ghost. To always remember that we are not the converters. Our words do not have to be convincing. We dont need to be perfect teachers. That is the role of the spirit. I know that as we teach true doctrine and simple doctrine, the Holy Ghost will testify of the truthfulness of our words. And through the feelings of the holy ghost, they will know how to come unto Christ. They will do anything they can to follow His gospel.

Family, God answers prayers. It sometimes takes a while to see that our prayer was answered (or is being answered) but I know that God answers each of our prayers. He is our Father. And He is perfect. I am beginning to understand my relationship with God more as I focus my lives on others- as backwards as that might seem. 

 I know that this church is true with our a doubt. It is such a blessing to be able to testify of that EVERYDAY! Gods plan for us- for the people here in baler, for sister Hamor and i, for our family now and my future family, and for each of us on this earth is literally awe-some.
I know that this gospel, that Christ, is the root for all true happiness. And family, I am pretty happy right now :)

Heather, I am praying for you and your baby! and daniels baby too i guess. haha. 

Sister Evans

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