Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bakit Sobra Maraming Biyaya Galing Sa Diyos!?

We went to pick up this family to take them to church but the couldn’t come because of they were trying to fix their house. It had rained really hard with tons of wind Saturday night (it does almost everynight now) and as you can prob ably imagine they got really wet and no sleep. So after schurch we took the elders quorm and helped them make their home a little more water proof. They should stay dry now. They were so grateful and a little confused to as why we were helping (they haven’t been to church yet so they didn’t know any of the people who were there helping) It was a really great experience though!

After basketball. I was pooped. And red. Haha. So fun though. And don’t worry, my team won. ;) oh 
wait.. haha, actually we didn’t keep score. Haha. Dang it.

This is the family that lives in the house we were fixing. The are investigators (and referrals!) and are planning on being baptized the beginning of august! (The husband isn’t in the picture)

 These are some of the kids of one of our LA who has come to church the pst 2 weeks! I looove these kids!

This is a bad picture but it captures a lot of what part of our area is and I rarely get time to take pictures of it so I wanted to send it to you anyways. That girl is one of our inverstigators analiza who we were led to by the spirit for sure. The first lesson she was so excited we were there. She said she has seen us around and wondered why we hadn’t come to her yet. She told us she had been waiting. It was an amazing thing because I had  just the tiniest feeling that we should go there a couple weeks ago.  The tiniest. We always planned on it but we got caught up on splits/exchanges/showing the new sisters their area. That experience taught me not only to act on those tiny feelings  but to act on them right away.

Hey Family,
This week was wonderful! So good in fact there was a time when I did a hitch kick and yelled with my hands in the air, "bakit sobra maraming biyaya galing sa diyos!?" Which is broken tagalog for "life is awesome." haha. 
Let me quickly tell you why. I kind od already did in one of the pictures. But here is a little more of the story.
We have been teaching Aiza who is a LA, about once a week for the past month or so. It was probably about 3 weeks ago when I had the smallest feeling that we should go and talk to her neighbors house. I dont know how to explain the feeling really- Im sure you recognized it and know it better than I do. What I do know is that it was the smallest of feelings- closer to a thought really. 
I told sister this and we decided to go back the next time we would teach Aiza. But as I am sure youve heard 100 times, things happened and weeks passed and we still hadnt visited her until finally we did this past week. When we started to introduce ourselves, she told us that she knew who we were and was wondering why we hadnt come to talk to her yet. It turns out she was taught by some elders close to 2-3 years ago but wasnt ready to progress at that time. However, when we taught her she was so receptive. She was smiling, shaking her head in agreement, asking good questions.. everything you would want an investigator to do. She really wants to follow God, and knows that as she does she will find peace and joy. She came to church yesterday and has a baptismal goal date for the end of july/begining of august!

Okay couple of other updates-
1. Mom asked about Sherly's husband. There is not much new imformation except that he lets sister and her family go to church now and he is nice to us whenever we see him. (I think its only been 2-3 times). But that alone is great news! As far as news for that family goes, we are going to try to teach her oldest son sherwin. He said he wants to talk to us- i think he is interested in what his mom and sister are doing- and obviously we would love to talk to him but he isnt ever at home. But we are still going to try.
2. We talked to Kathleen and she said she couldnt come because she was with her family having a picnic and none of them would drive her back for her baptism. She wants to be baptized this week but yesterday she didnt come to church. So Im no really sure what is happening there. We are going to find out though. She could use your prayers! 
3. I am almost done with my training! Technically I have been done for the past 3-4 weeks- i dont know but its about to be different because transfers are coming up. Okay, i guess we still have 3 weeks but time seems to go so fast. Anyways point is- im nervous! Alright im jumping ahead of the game, ill calm down and then react when something actually happens. haha. Good news is that sister mccord said president told her ill be a good anchor to keep here in baler- that would be awesome. I really do love it here. And i really want to be able to speak tagalog to all these wonderful people before i leave here. haha.
4.Random question-When is heather due? I cant believe i dont know that.
5. The two new sisters that are living with us are Sister tupua and sister kaufusi. one is from fuigi and the other from tonga. Its a pretty different experience living in a house with 4 girls from all different countries. Its great though. Rumor is well have a 5th one at transfers- that the new girls will become a threesome. Ill let you know.

I think that is all i have time for. Quick takda or assignment.
As you read the scriptures watch for the words "wisdom/wise." Especially the phrase "wise purpose." I think you will be surprised to see how often it is written. You will find however, that over and over the scriptures talk about God does things for a wise purpose- many times for a purpose that we as humans dont know. Lets all try this week to remember that God does everything for a "wise purpose." He knows what we need to learn and what experiences will teach us those things. Really what raps it up is that he knows our potential. Lets do everything we can to trust in His wisdom. 
If you read the scriptures looking for example of this- and pray about it- the spirit will explain what im trying to say :) haha. thats a cop out if ive ever seen one. sorry. But it is the truth :)
I love you guys. I always am praying for you.

Sister Lyssa

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