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 Loralee wrote
Alyssa got to call us yesterday for mother's day.  We actually had a 3 way skype with Alyssa (in a computer shop owned by a member), the kids in utah and us here in CA. A couple highlights.  She went to Baler for her first area which is known as "Paradise" in the mission. On the internet is is referred to as "surf City". Ironic because that is what Huntington Beach is also called. She lives in what they all refer to as the "palace" and they are the "princesses of the lair".  It has hot water showers - no toilet paper!  She is loving the food - rice, vegetables and fruit (really good fruit) She puts on misquito repelent every day!  She is happy and healthy and looks beautiful!  She forwarded her letter to the President for our letter this week.  Also some details for mail. 

Alyssa wrote:
most important things are dont send it through UPS or FEDEX. they said only US mail. I didnt hear about the other thing via the boats. but they said if you put pictures of jesus on it from the ensign they wont open it. and then dont exactly specify what is in it- just "birthday gift" or something like that.all chocolates (white :)) will melt- sadly. but maybe if they are in a plastic bag or something? i dont know.. probably better not. they said bottles of liquid will break- im not so sure about that but who knows. Send it and other mail to
Philippines Angeles Mission Office
F. Tanedo Street, Barangay San Nicolas,
Tarlac City, Tarlac, 2300
you still might be able to send dear elders i dont know- i will get mail about every 1.5 weeks if i have any. for us though in baler maybe less often cause we are the farthest away. not really sure.
They leaders bring it back from the mission home if the are there for any reason.
Cool news- when the sister leaders will be here for exchanges we might be able to see the mission presidents. I would really like that.
The Mccords (Wally is his first name i dont know hers- you should try to find her on fb) are senior couples living here in baler- have been for almost a year. that sounds like the life. laid back, you get to choose your comp and still serve a mission haha. you should definitely do that. Anyways, since they are here we will have fhe with them on mondays and they will feed us- it sounds like those are the only meals outside our apartment will be on pday. lunch cooked by the member that owns the computer shop and dinner at the mccords. so needless to say mondays are the bomb.I brought my frisbe- maybe we can play a little. we did at he MTC. it was really fun- definitely glad i have it!
lets see what else-here is my letter to president martino. i dont really know what i am supposed to say to him but his is what i ended up with. Tells a little story- now i dont need to type it upe again :) haha

President Martino,
I am excited to be writing you my first letter, it still feels surreal. However, let me tell you about my first week! 
It has been great! I know that I am really blessed to be working with sister Evangelista. I must of had 4/5 people come up to me on Thursday and tell me that, and I am beginning to see why. The people here absolutely love her. I was surprised to hear that she hasn't been here for very long. As a companionship, we are doing well. She is very patient with me! She has been leading the majority of the lessons but always gives me time to testify. 
On friday, she had me teach the first half of L2 and it didnt go very well. It was hard for me to speak in my broken Tagalog. However, yesterday (Sunday) we went on splits and I led the area/lessons. This time it went a lot better. We only had the opportunity to teach one LA but we had 3 OYMs to teach. Teaching the LA was an interesting experience for me. I was doing all of the teaching! (I probably should have let Sister Vangi teach more-that is something I will do next time) Even though I only understood half of what Sister Armarado (the LA) was saying we were able to have a conversation about the gospel- about how we must be keeping the commandments and doing all we can in order for God to bless us. Im not exactly sure what was said between the two of us and I dont think that she will come back to church anytime soon but I learned a lot from teaching her.
The language is hard but it isnt supposed to be easy. I want so badly to be able to communicate fully with the people here- to tell them that they NEED this gospel. But I am trying to remember that I am not the real teacher. The spirit is. So therefore, the main language that I should be learning is the language of the spirit. (At least I think this is what I am supposed to be doing). I know that the language will come. I have set a goal to be able to understand 80% of what people are saying by the third week. Elder Biggs said he could communicate everything he wanted to by that time so I know that it is possible.
I am enjoying it here President. There have been a couple of times that I have thought "wow, I dont know if I can do this for 17 months." However, I know that I can and I know that I will. This is where God wants me to be and I am so blessed to be here. 
Thank you for this opportunity to serve.
-Sister Evans
PS. I dont know if starting me in "paradise" was a good idea. I dont know how I will leave! (Joke-lang) :)

what else. not too sure- i just love you two. You are both wonderful parents and wonderful examples to me. I am so gald i got to talk to you in the airport- and skype today. its been wonderful!!
ive got to go!
so much love!
your daughter

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