Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Update from the MTC

Magandang Umaga Po Pamilya!
Mama mia. Its PDay. I cant believe it. It feels weird to be at a computer. Especially writting an email. Im trying to figure out what to say. So much has happend. haha
Okay. Ill try to get it all out. Starting from thursday. Also there isnt spell check and im trying to type super fast so please ignore the many typos :)
Thursday: So mama and laurel dropped me off in the morning. It was fun having them be able to actually come into the MTC. We said our paalams and they left. Shortly after they left the girls in my district came to pick me up and I met my companion. Dad was talking about how he and the other elders had to make an effort to tell their compaions that they love them- well dad, the first thing my companions said to me was, "Oooh, sister! I am so glad you are here, I love you!" haha. I guess sisters are a little different. Random crazy fact. This past wednesday they were 6 sisters short of having the new missionaries be 50% elders and 50% sisters. The sisters are definitely taking over here, I love it! Okay anyways, that first day was great! I dropped off my stuff and went to a class about the impact we can have as missionaries. Loved it. The only other things sticking out about that day are..... uh, how busy it was (but yall already know that) and how crazy my first language class was! So. For all yall that dont know. We have at least 4hours of language study a day. This particular class was 3 hours long. No english at all. MY MIND WAS BLOWN. Imagine hearing: Chinese, arabic, spanish, english, and japanese combained. And then 40 million times faster. Congratualtions. You have just imagined me speaking tagalog. Okay well not me, but my teacher. I am muuuuch muuuuuuuch slower. Also, yall remeber how before I came into the MTC i knew 2 words in tagalog? well turns out they were both wrong. haha.  But i am happy to tell you that I have taught our "investigator" three lessons in tagalog. I can pray, bare my testimony, introduce myself, ask tons of questions, count, and sing Tagalog. the singing is important because before I couldnt even pronuce the "Aklat ni Mormon" which is the book of mormon. So if I can sing in tagalog i can prounce tagalog. I hope yall followd that. haha. There isnt enough time to go back and read over that. haha. So thats language. I am so grateful that I am learning a language. it is really hard but in order to teach the people that need me, I need to speak tagalog. So somweday soon i will. prya for me though. haha.
My district is wonderful. There are 5 sisters and 4 elders. 2 of the elders are form australia and 1 is from fugi. All the sisters are from the states. Vegas, SLC, San Diego and Orlando.  it seems like more than half my zone is either from Australia or New Zeland. Quite intersting it. (Thats how the setence would be worded in tagalog. there are no "to be" verbs). All of the sisters are 20 except one who is just barely 19. So many of them have boyfriends waiting for them. Kind of weird. Dont worry my heart is locked.
mmm... okay. okay. Have you ever written an email with a timer at the top telling you how little time you have left? Its a lot of pressure.

I dont have time to go through all the rest of the days (i havent really been doing that anyways) so ill just give you the highlights.
-The first time my teacher spoke english. Huge rush of relief. Definitely high light.
-Going to the temple today at 550am.
-When I finally ate something other than fruit yesterday. I still didnt feel very well until then.
-Easter sacrament meeting with 3000 missionaries. woah. it was awesome. Also, it only took 8.5 min or so to psas the sacrament. things are done at an amazing speed here at the MTC
-Easter devotinal. SHERI DEW came! it was sooo good! She was a remarkable speaker. She talked baout how we can access the atonement, the importance of knpowing who you are, and the importance of understanding the language of the spirit. I loved it all.
-April fools day. haha. Pretty funny. My kasama tricked everyone into thinking she was switched into the lima peru mission.pretty hard to do but she pulled it off. Dont worry, she didnt fool me.
-All of the personal and companionship study time. So much. I love it. I am learning how little I know. Okay i have to go. We can only write letters on Monday so ill try to hand write a couple while I do laundry but I know yall are at palm desert anyways. te amo. I mean mahl kito!

-Sister Evans

ps. salamat po for the letters and the packages! It was a great easter and I looooooove hearing from you! love you!


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