Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ba Babababa Baba

Okay dokey. How yall doin? It is snowing here... again. its snowed or rained every PDay so far. haha. oh well. I think that I am ready for the weather in the Philippines. And good news! I am half way done with the MTC!!!! Can you belelive it? Its pretty much awesome. The district that came before us got their travel plans last week. They leave next monday. And then we are next! Wooo Whooo!!
Sometimes I forget that I am actually going to be in the philippines. It can seem like I am just learning Tagalog to use here in the MTC. I guess I dont really know how to explain it. Point is, i really am going to the Philippines. Its nuts.
Okay. This week has been a great week. We started off a little dissapointed with how last week went. Not that it was bad- just that we could have worked harder. (I had no idea how easy it is to get sidetracted in the MTC) The thing is, as missionaries, (and just as children of  God) we litereally have unlimited potential. I found myseld always wondering if I was doing enough. Most of the time my answer was probably not- but this week was much better!
On wednesday we had our first TRC. Im not sure what it stands for (there are tooooo many acronyms  (it probablt stands for Tagalogs Really Cool or something)). Anywasy... for TRC a volunteer who speaks tagalog comes to the MTC and we teach them as themselves (memebers of the church) and just give them a 20 minute lesson. I am used to teaching our teachers over and over so it was a good chance to teach people with different persopnalities. Really differnt personalities. hjahah.

Okay, after all that talk about trying to work harder let me show you something I learnd this week. Its a song. Whoever recognizes it first wins. (wins what, im not sure, but none the less)
Halika terra na,
Lahat tera na,
Halika gaggawin natin to.
Alam ko po kayo natin to.

We still have some fun in the MTC. Speaking of fun actually, Sister Marcucci and I had a game of marshmellow basketball. Dont worry i dominated. (not really actually- she beat me). but it was really fun. Ill try to find pictures :) But dont worry. That was in personal time right befiore we went to bed. haha.

Thank you for sending letters to the elders. They loved them. Even the dear john dad. It was really funny. Lwashanda? hahaha. nice choice.

This week kasama and I had our best lesson yet. we taught about the great apostasy and the restoration. Here are some good things about the lesson.
1. it was a full lesson (meaning it was like 35/40 minutes long (it probably would have only been 5 minutes long if it was in english haha but... yeah)
2. we only used maybe 2-3 english words. Aint you proud of us? We might have slightly changed some of the doctrine in order to explain it using the vocab we know but... still. we were impressed. haha
3. The sprirt was so strong. this is really cool to me beacuase sometimes it can be hard to feel the spirit when you are only communicating in a forgein lanugauge, trying to teach your guro posing as an investigator but who already knowseverythign you are going to say. longest run on. sorry. anyways. It was a really good expereince. Definitely proof that when you do all you can God will anwer your prayers. I am sure that I will learn that lesson over and over on within the next 17 months or so.

bad news- 7 of the 9 memebers of my district are sick. The MTC is honestly an incubator for disease. Kinda gross. haha. But this comes with some good news. because my kasama was sick with a nassssty cold, we got to walk.... OFF CAMPUS!!! wooo whooo!!! we walked all the way to the student health center. (For those of who who dont know provo to well, the SHC is probably a 3 minute walk from the MTC. if you are walking slowly. haha) But it was still really fun. It was interesting to be the only missionaires there. I am so used to being surrounded by thousands of missionaries ALL DAY LONG. but it was good. gave us a little itty itty itty  bitty taste of what it might feel like to be missionaries in the real world.  But at the health center everyone was white, had my kind of hair and my height (relitively). That will change for sure. haha.

Okay i am running out of time.... so. much. more. to. say.....

ILl try a quick bullet point list.
1. During church I met a couple who is  preparing to serve their 9th mission togeter. So cool. I would looove to do that.
2. I saw Sister Shallenberger!! it was so good to see her. closet person to family i have seen.  She said Heather you're not throwing up anymore?
3. Laurel and B thanks for updating me- i loove your quick little letters :) jman and hb? i know you love me, right? haha. mahal kita.
4. I got white chocolate covered popcorn from my roomie liv. nough said. thanks liv!!!!!! dont worry, im writing you back :)
5. devotional was about advertising in NYC and London. Check it out. Waayyyyy cool stuff going on. I love it!!
6. The alyssums in that package were my favorite. thank you!!! oh and the stickers! Mom- send me all the stickers you can- just little cheep ones. they say thats is how you make friends with the kids in the philippines.
7. We had a remarkable lesson about the Aklat ni Mormon. I want to share more about it though so ill save it til next time.
8. I love my family.
9. I love being in the MTC.
10. I cannnnnnnt WAIT, til i get to go serve the Filipinos in Angeles!!
11. Tagalog is a crazy language.
12. God is on my side.
13. This church is true.
14. I love it.
15. I looove you.

Sister Evans

ps. look up "ba bababa baba." Its a real sentence in tagalog. haha

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