Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hoy! (that's like me yelling "hey!" at you.)

Magandag hapon pamilya!
i cant believe that it is pday again. in so many ways it feels like pday was yesterday but... then again it feels like it was 129094 days ago. I know... thats what everyone says, but just in case you were wondering. They are right. But I love it here. Being able to focus on preparing for the philippines all day every day is wonderful! Especially since there is so much to do! i hope that by the time May 6th roles around I will be ready. You better pray for me though just in case.
This week was great! I am trying to think back to what happend. My kasama and I were joking about what we would tell our families that we did this week. We decided that this would be accurate: We wake up. We eat. We sit. We eat. We sit. We eat again. We sit one last time. We go to bed.
haha. In reality thats about how it goes- just going from class to class seperated by some kind of meal. But class is wonderful and it never seems very long because we always have sooo much to cover! We started learning grammar this week and let me tell you something. You remember how I thought Tagalog was hard last week? Well, i had no idea what I was talking about. Let me see if I can help yall understand. You know how there is 1 way to say "you" in english (maybe 2 if youre from the south and you count "yall") well- there are 6 ways to say you in Tagalog. SIX!! 6 ways to say you, 5 ways to say I, 6 ways to say we, 4 ways to say them, and 4 ways to say he/she. its nuts. Also, they speak/structure their sentences like this: Making the food me fat in the MTC. translation: the food in the MTC is making me fat. haha. (yes that is true.) Even though i think that the language is crazy mirhap I know I can do it because God is on my side. And that is exciting to me.
Okay what other things...Mom asked me if other people in my district are getting mail. Some of them are (the sisters in the tatlo) but the rest are getting very few if any. Yall should write them/draw them pictures! Send them to the same mailbox but address them to:
Elder Paz (Australia)
Elder Bigelow (Arizona/DL)
Elder Vunibola (Fugi- He just broke his foot plaving volleyball. Also he is on of my favorites (if Im allowed to have favorites)
Elder Masame (Australia- Other favorite. Also just broke his toe playing volleyball.)

you should also write my kasama Sister Reddish. Thanks Laurel and Julia for writing her- she loved it!
Those elders have amazing stories. Paz, Vunibola, and Masame are all converts. Paz and Vunibolas familes arent memebrs. We have a great district. And also, dont worry I play basketball not volleyball. i will not break anything here at the MTC. thats a promise.
Now would be a good time to thank yall for all the letters you have sent me! so salamat, salamat, salamat!! I am so blessed to have family and friends to support me. Thank you all. Mom thanks for the package with all the healthy stuff (and the rice krispies :)) That is just what we need here. Also- I got to enjoy my eater package some more. Those white chocolate m&ms are divine. Di-vine. and my favorite sees. oh delcious.

We had general conference this weekend (sorry, i guess that obvious). i loved the phrase, "Catch the wave." have yall caught it?? laurel??? Jman?? I also loved Eyrings talk. I wonder if they give us an ensign so we can read through them again. huh. Did yall notice how many of the talks seemed to be talking about finding refuge and joy in "ever darkening times?" Even the hymns. Im probably reading into it and probably shouldnt say anythign thats not doctrine since im a missionary but, I at least, kept thinking about the second coming. But thats enough about that.

Brooke- my teacher is brother nuttle. Does that ring a bell? he said that he was "ward prayer co-coordinator" with you your freshman year. Hes a remarkable teacher. Also do you know Briana Hall? Her sister Lindsey Hall is in my distict. She said that Briana knows you somehow...??
Mom- Do you know andrea miller (now hall). She grew up in palo alto and is your age. she is that same sister halls mama.

It looked like yall had a good time in the desert! i loove the pictures and movie clip! Yall should keep sendign the video clips :)  Actually can you print some pictures of the fam/ any of mis amigos (from my computer laurel) and send them to me? It would be nice to hang up a couple by my desk.
Heather- have you told everyone yet?? How are you feeling??
Dev- ready for finals? You are almost done with BYU. Kind of crazy.
I love that Lanes familiy got to spend time with yall. i also love that it was cold and cloudy when they came. Typical. haha. They letters they sent were so fun to get- ill write them back if youll send me their address mama.

Okay I better wrap it up.
Remeber that I love being here and that I love being a missionary. Thank you for all of your prayers. This is the Lords work and I am just trying to do my part. We all can- "catch the wave" ya know?
Love you.
Sister Lyss

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