Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Dad's Birthday!

Wait. DAD- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 53. woah, that means im getting old. but dont worry dad, it doesnt mean youre old. haha. 
This week we finally received our new sisters! This is something that sister and I have been looking forward to for, well- since I first got here really. I cant believe that it has been 6 weeks already! We have loved having them here but it has made for quite an interesting week! For some reason although I knew they were coming to work with us, I didn’t understand the meaning of that. Ie. That our area was splitting. However, once we realized that was actually happening, Sister and I went over everything and decided that we wanted to be in the area of BORCS. (yes, i made that up) That is where the majority of our work has been done and we felt that we were making progress there. We told God of our desire to do his will and of the decision that made, and asked for a confirmation of this decision. However, wala na. Opposite in fact. So, we changed our area to ZIPS (This one too) where we have done very little work in. And by little i mean little. I know that this is where God wants us and that gives me so much comfort and joy; however, we are about to be going into a new area where we need to do a lot of planting.Ie. we have one family (the buenconsejo family) who are investigators and that is it. (Okay thats aside from the 6 people we have being baptized this week. Astig de ba?) We know of maybe 4 LAs in that area and 2 RC. Ibig sabihin, we have basically nothing. Okay I am more optimistic than that sounds- it is going to be hard but we will work hard. These past 6 weeks I have learned that we have so much support from our branch and more importantly from God. He is in charge of the work and as we do our part, He will lead us to the people that He has prepared. It will be great. 
And yes! 6 Baptisms this week! Its so wonderful and we are sooooo excited!! Melanie and her husband and two kids, sherly, and a youth kathleen (13yr) that has been being taught by the missionaries for the past 2 years! Its absolutely ASTIG!! and guess what- president, his wife, and all the couple missionaries are attending! talk about pressure! haha :) They are up here for a "retreat"/to teach our district about the temple (they have a trip in september where many families are going to be sealed/youth will do baptism for the dead). We had a fireside planned where president was going to teach the district/our investigators about the temple but they are canceling it so they can all attend the baptism. Its nuts. but awesome. I really just want it to be saturday already!
Dad/lahat, you would be happy to know that my tagalog improved this week. Only a little im sure, but i had some dang good practice and learned alot. This transition period of dividing the area is actually really great so far. Sister Evangelista has to go on splits with the new sisters to show them their new area (BORCS) and introduce them to everyone that lives over there. That leaves me to lead our area as I am on splits with someone from the branch. It has already taught me a lot- i love it. First, that I really love the people in BORCS and will miss them greatly. I had no idea how attatched i was to them. (Especially our investigator Manny who cam to church yesterday for the first time!!)  And second, (which should probably be the first) how to be a better missionary. As I am trying to lead, I can see God qualifying me. Everything from my Tagalog to my jokes (which we all know can really use help). Haha. But honestly, I have really loved it. 
God is really blessing sister and I, and I know that he will continue to as we work hard. Its awesome. Okay, I think I have used that word enough today.
So pamilya. It looks like you guys are all busy and having fun! I love it! Whats the weather like in HB? Did you guys get to enjoy the sun while you were there? Mom, will you send me your speghetti sauce recipie? I know its not really a recipie and that it changes everytime but just estimates would be awesome. Its proabably a pipe dream but i want to make it sometime in the next 16 or whatever months! Oh and Jman. When I get home I will make the the best sweet and sour chicken every. homemade. Oh yeah. Sobra masarap. Hey dude- are you working? Hey everyone else- are any of the other cousins pregnant yet? Have grandma and grandpa livingston officially moved? How is grandmas health? Are grandma linda and Grandpa tom in utah? laurel, do you get to eat with them often? 
Sorry this letter so so scattered but hey- i hope you know i love you. I am always praying for you. I cant wait for you guys to come down here with your real cameras so we can get some real great photos. 
I love you talaga. 


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